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Our menu

The carefully selected selection of local cuisine and individual international specialties that we offer have one goal - a satisfied guest who returns to us. Every day, our kitchen is rich in a certain number of cooked dishes, available both for meals in the restaurant and for delivery to your desired location in New Belgrade.

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smoked neck, cream, fried cheese, uranebes, tomatoes


two eggs, stuffed mushrooms, hot dogs, fried cheese


njeguš prosciutto, smoked sausage, sour cream, pickles, tomatoes


sausage, cream, scrambled eggs, pickles, tomatoes

Ž scrambled eggs

three eggs, cheese, paprika, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions

Continental breakfast

chicken, fried cheese, feta cheese, smoked sausage, egg

National breakfast

sirloin, minced pork flavored sausage, fried cheese, egg, sour cream, tomato


3 eggs

Omelette with..

ham, cheese, paprika, mushrooms, bacon

Omelette with prosciutto

eggs, prosciutto

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Sandwich with ham and cheese
Sandwich with roast beef and cheese
Sandwich with prosciutto and cream
Župski sandwich

prosciutto, cream, tomato, paprika and green salad

Tuna sandwich

olive oil, dill, lemon juice, mustard, grilled zucchini, lettuce, tomato, onion and tuna

Club sandwich

omelette, mayonnaise, bacon, chicken, cheese and tomato

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Grilled mushrooms


Fried cheese


Stuffed breaded pancakes

with ham and cheese

Stuffed breaded peppers with cheese


Soup of the day chosen by the chief

veal stew, vegetable stew, goulash stew, fish stew, beef soup with noodles or dumplings

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Grilled trout

boiled potatoes with swiss chard and onions

Grilled perch

boiled potatoes with swiss chard and onions

Grilled sea fish

gilthead | sea bass | redfish | sea beam with boiled potatoes, swiss chard and onions

Grilled squid

boiled potatoes, swiss chard and onions

Fried squid

boiled potatoes, swiss chard and onions

Mediterranean-style squid

squid, zucchini, carrots, blue tomatoes, olives, almonds

Trout fillets

boiled potatoes, swiss chard and onions

Smoked trout fillets

boiled potatoes, swiss chard and onions


boiled potatoes, swiss chard and onions


boiled potatoes, swiss chard and onions

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Pork meals

Karadjordje's Steak

fried pork fillet stuffed with cream

Vienna schnitzel

fried pork tenderloin

Natural escalope
Medallions in mushrooms sauce
Grilled pork chops
Grilled smoked pork fillet
Grilled smoked ham
Grilled stuffed pork fillet

ham and cheese

Pork fillet of the house "Ž" for two persons

stuffed fillet with prosciutto, cheese, roasted pepper rolled in bacon

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Beef and veal meals

Papper steak
Steak in gorgonzola sauce
Steak Meter d’Hotel

steak with flavored butter

Veal roast Fricando
Rolled veal in mushroom sauce
Grilled steak
Rump steak
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Chief dishes

Chicken in sauce of smoked cheese

with mushrooms

Chicken "Chilli Verde"

chili sauce, pepper, neutral cream

Chicken "Saltim Bocca’"
Chicken in peanut sauce
Pork medallions "Djoan"
File "Provincale"
Steak in gorgonzola sauce
Grilled mixed meat
Chicken with boletus and figs

chicken, boletus, almond, figs, white vine

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Chicken meals

Grilled chicken breast
Grilled chicken drumstick
Grilled chicken wings
Stuffed chicken rolled in bacon

ham, cheese, bacon

Chicken skewers rolled in bacon
Stuffed chicken medallions in curry sauce
Breaded chicken breast
Chicken Cordon Bleu

stuffed breaded chicken breast with ham and cheese

Rolled chicken liver in bacon
Chicken in gorgonzola sauce
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Minced meat meals

Kebabs with cream cheese
Rolled kebabs in bacon
Serbian burger (pljeskavica)
Serbian burger (pljeskavica) with cream cheese
Gurmet burger

ham, bacon, cheese, onion, hot pepper

Gourmet fritters

bacon, cheese, crushed pepper and onion


Mesara Jokić

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Bolognese spaghetti

minced meat, tomato sauce, parmesan

Carbonare spaghetti

bacon, neutral cream, eggs, parmesan

Milanese spaghetti

spaghetti, tomato sauce, ham

Spaghetti Napolitan

tomato sauce

Spaghetti with seafood
Spaghetti with mushrooms
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Risotto with chicken
Risotto with mushrooms
Risotto with seafood
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Side dishes

French fries
Mashed potatoes
Boiled potatoes
Roasted potatoes
Mixed stew
Kuvano povrće
Grilovano povrće
Tartar sos