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Restaurant Ž is located on Bežanijska kosa at Peđe Milosavljevića Street 23a. For 30 years, we have been a place that is your second home, full of well-known flavors of local cuisine, and many of our guests have been with us since childhood. As the years passed, we also developed, expanded the facility, changed the ambience and made it more pleasant, and today the capacity of the restaurant is about 200 seats. We are proud of the fact that we are recognized as a place where good hosts, excellent cuisine and a complete gastronomic experience await you. With us, you can always spend beautiful, pleasant moments with friends, family and business partners, or organize celebrations, sure that your guests will go home satisfied. What makes us stand out is that we also have separate rooms within the building, for all those for whom privacy is especially important when organizing important moments. As life is not only made up of beautiful and carefree moments, we have been here for years to be with you in our moments, and a special segment of our business is the commemoration of memorial services, donations and other commemorations that you organize for those who are no longer with us. It has been working successfully for 25 years and has won the hearts of many regular guests with its quality food and pleasant atmosphere. Restaurant Ž - Family restaurant with traditional Serbian cuisine. Our goal is not only to satisfy your appetite and quench your thirst, but to have a good time with your family, friends, colleagues, simply selected people.

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What can I say, THERE IS NO BETTER THAN ŽIKA, everything is to your liking there

Mića Soca Despotović

Pleasant, quiet, secluded, in the shade. Decent prices, good food and service. Due to the proximity of the New Bežanija cemetery, they organize all funerals, memorial services, etc.


Great place to sit with friends, good food and service. There are several TVs where you can watch sports events.

Branislav Panajotović

Good restaurant on Bezanijska Kosa, nice ambience especially in summer, garden, food for every recommendation, affordable prices. All recommendations, be sure to eat pancakes and veal stew.


Restaurant for various occasions, food adapted to all clients' needs, comfortable, air-conditioned, fast service, very professional staff!!! All recommendations!!!

Sandra Ognjenović
Specialties of national cuisine

A small selection from our offer

Special offer

From our menu

Grilled sea fish

Sea bream, sea bass, grouper, toothfish

Mediterranean-style squid

Zucchini, carrots, blue tomatoes, olives, almonds

Rolled veal

In mushroom sauce

„Saltim Bocca" Chicken

Prosciutto, cheese, white wine, thyme, neutral cream

Chicken ,,Provincale"

Mozzarella, prunes, prosciutto

Steak Meter D'Hotel

Steak with flavored butter


A large selection of products prepared from the highest quality ingredients. We offer cold and hot appetizers, soups, stews, main dishes, fish and desserts. Contact us for an offer!

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